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Los Angeles Hotels - Tips on Choosing the Right Hotel For Your Trip to LA

Los Angeles Hotels - Tips on Choosing the Right Hotel For Your Trip to LA

Los Angeles - Like every major metropolitan area, Los Angeles offers many options when it comes to lodging. But choosing a hotel in Los Angeles can be overwhelming because of the sheer number of hotels and the incredible variety of amenities and price. If you're planning a trip to L.A., here are some things to consider when selecting a Los Angeles hotel.


Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis made up of many distinct neighborhoods. Because of this, visitors should consider staying in a hotel that is near the destinations they wish to visit.

If you are coming to Los Angeles on vacation, make a list of the tourist attractions you plan to see and then look at where they are located on a map. This will give you a good idea of where you should look for hotels. If you plan to visit attractions that are all over the Los Angeles area, you should try to find a hotel in a central location such as Hollywood or West Hollywood. These neighborhoods are about 20 minutes (by car) from just about every part of Los Angeles and they have convenient access to freeways.

If you are planning a business trip to L.A., first determine where you'll be attending meetings or visiting with clients. Downtown Los Angeles is a frequent destination for business travelers, as the Convention Center and Financial District are located there. If this is the case for your trip, you'll find a wide selection of hotels in Downtown Los Angeles that are walking distance from your meeting place. Alternately, many business travelers choose to stay in a hotel near LAX airport, especially for one-day trips.


Every hotel is different when it comes to the amenities it offers. When looking for a hotel in Los Angeles, it's important to consider who you'll be traveling with, how much time you'll be spending in your hotel and what level of comfort you prefer.

Because of L.A.'s warm year-round weather, many hotels in Los Angeles have swimming pools or jacuzzis on their property. If you want to soak in some sun while you're visiting, look for a hotel that has an outdoor pool. Many upscale Los Angeles hotels even offer poolside service so that you can order food or drinks while you lounge by the pool.

If you're traveling with children, look for a hotel that is family-friendly. This can mean everything from offering video game systems in the rooms to having large bathrooms that will accommodate your whole family. Additionally, many Los Angeles hotels offer suites that will provide parents and children with a little of their own privacy yet still giving parents the peace of mind of proximity to their kids. Parents will also want to look for hotels that are located in safe, well-lit neighborhoods.

Do you expect luxury when you travel? If so, you'll find many Los Angeles hotels that cater to your every desire with luxurious accommodations. From pampering spa services on the premises, to high-end toiletries and towels in the bathroom, to five-star hotel restaurants, there are many upscale hotels in L.A. that will provide the ultimate in service and amenities.

If you plan on bringing your dog to Los Angeles, you'll find quite a few hotels that allow pets. Some even have gourmet dog biscuits on hand or food and water dishes available for your room. Make sure to choose a hotel in a safe neighborhood that has plenty of streets to walk your dog. You might even find a hotel with a park nearby where you can bring your dog to play.

Need to stay connected while you're visiting Los Angeles? If you plan to touch base with the office or simply like to have internet access while on vacation, look for a hotel that offers free hi-speed or wireless internet access. Some hotels offer free internet in your room, while others only offer it in the lobby or common areas. If you expect to log on every day, try to avoid hotels that charge a daily fee for internet access, as this can add up quickly and become quite expensive.


Many people choose hotels only based on price, but it's important to consider the value you're getting as well. For example, if you find a hotel that is centrally located near all of the attractions you want to visit, it's worth paying slightly more for it instead of staying in a cheaper hotel that is further away from everything. Since there are not a lot of cabs in Los Angeles and public transportation is spotty, staying in a hotel that is not centrally located will mean you'll need to rent a car, which may end up costing you more in the long run (versus staying in the more expensive, centrally-located hotel).

If your trip to Los Angeles will comprise your one big vacation this year, you won't want to deal with the headaches that can come from staying in a cheap hotel. You want to relax and enjoy your vacation, so there's nothing wrong with spending a little more to have a better experience. It's okay to splurge a little on a nice hotel every once in a while!

Finally, if you don't plan on spending a lot of time in your hotel room, are adventurous or are traveling on a really tight budget, consider staying in a Los Angeles hostel. Known for their dorm-like rooms, shared bathrooms and communal atmosphere, hostels are an affordable alternative to hotels for budget-conscious travelers. You'll find hostels all over the Los Angeles area, with many located near popular tourist attractions in the heart of Hollywood.