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Temecula Attorneys - A Look at Common Legal Matters

Temecula Attorneys - A Look at Common Legal Matters


A Brief Overview of Southern  California Attorneys

As you begin a search for the best Temecula attorneys found in Southern California, keep in mind that in order to offer services, a lawyer must pass the bar exam to practice law in a particular state. Additional licensing requirements are often expected of Temecula attorneys. You will soon learn that most of the lawyers in the region are licensed to practice in one or more states, but overall must possess a license in California  to become any help for you. The ideal attorney should know the ins and outs of state legalities, including the rights and laws that may vary from state to state.

The Different Branches of Law in Temecula

Depending on your current legal woes, you may or may not require the services of a lawyer in Temecula associated with the following branches of law:

Criminal Law

Appearing in front of a judge can become a scary experience, as being charged with a crime is a serious offence that requires the legal expertise of a professional. Temecula criminal lawyers handle issues that deal with varying levels of significance, such as disorderly conduct, shoplifting, and loitering to grand larceny, kidnapping, and murder.

General Law

This rather busy branch of law deals with general court cases, which often involve one party suing another; Lemon Law disputes; contract negotiation, license applications; or traffic violations. In Temecula, the  Law Firm of Rosenstein & Hitzeman []  has a pretty good reputation for covering business law, real estate, wills and estate planning, copyright and trademark, as well as bankruptcy issues.


Nowadays, a driver who is involved in an incident concerning drinking and driving usually receives little sympathy in the courtroom, especially if an accident results in bodily harm. While each DUI case is unique, it is important to find a lawyer [] that can successfully negotiate on your behalf. Driving under the influence can cost you a criminal conviction, raised automobile insurance rates, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and a suspended license to drive.

Personal Injury

What happens when an injury on the job robs you of your ability to put food on the table? Did a faulty car part cause you to undergo an accident that placed your children at risk? Perhaps, you were a victim of a product recall? All of these legal issues far under a personal injury case, which touches upon transportation accidents, emotional or domestic abuse, birth defects, prescription errors, or product liability.

Estate Planning and Trusts

At some point in time, an individual may wonder what would happen to their loved ones if they should face an untimely death. What would become of their possessions and property? In order to secure the future for loved ones a will or other plan of action can eliminate the legal explosions that generally take place after the passing of a relative. Attorneys within this branch are also well informed on the legalities concerning living wills, organ and tissue donation, and health care proxies.

Other areas of the law that a Temecula attorney can assist include divorce and custody battles, real estate (the buying and selling of property); landlord and tenant fallouts, Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy, intellectual property law, child adoption, sexual harassment and employee discrimination, naturalization and deportation, and malpractice suits.