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California - 100% mortgage financing is easier to secure in California than in many other states, even with the average California home price at $467,000 as of October 2006.

Many lenders are willing to provide mortgages with no down payments based on a good credit score and solid savings. But even if you don't have those, you can still get financing help through one of California's many government programs.

Pick Your Mortgage Financing Plan

100% financing of your home loan can be achieved in several ways. You can apply for complete financing with one mortgage. The home loan lender may or may not require you to pay closing costs.

Another option is to take out two mortgages. The second mortgage can be with a different lender. For those with poor credit, this is the easiest way to secure a no down payment loan, since the risk of the loan is carried by more than one lender.

Look Into California Financing Programs

California's state and local governments have come up with several programs to help people buy a home. Licensed California financing companies, which include many national and local companies, can help you apply for these programs.

California's Extra Credit Teacher Program is one such program. The state will help teachers who are first-time home buyers by offering 30 fixed rate loans at an interest point below market rates and a 3% second mortgage. In effect, a California teacher can get 100% financing for their new home.

There are also 100% financing programs for high cost county residents, low income families, and first time homebuyers.

Compare Quoted Mortgage Rates And Fees

With 100% financing loans, mortgage lenders will quote you a wide range of rates with a variety of fees. These fees may be a hidden cost of the loan, wrapped into the principal amount. Or they be paid at closing, usually qualifying you for a lower rate.

In order to find the lowest costing loan, compare mortgage loan estimates. Then take a look at the APR, which includes both the rate and fees of the loan. Most lenders provide loan quotes online, so it takes only a few hours to get dozen of offers.