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Los Angeles Events - Be Up Close & Personal With the Stars

Los Angeles Events - Be Up Close & Personal With the Stars

Los Angeles - You may think that many of the Los Angeles events that take place throughout the year are strictly for the Hollywood Crowd and that you will forever be behind the velvet rope. Not true. You can find a lot of events that take place in Los Angeles each year that are open to the general public and will make your visit to the City of Angels even more enlightening. Some of these Los Angeles events include the following.

Shriner's Circus

The Shriner's is a public service organization that hosts an annual circus to benefit children at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Center in downtown Los Angeles. The Shriner's Circus is held the last weekend of January every year and can be a good way for you and your family to start off the New Year. There is a fee to get in, but the circus is something that your kids will remember forever. This is a circus that caters to kids and also helps a good cause.

Los Angeles Jazz Festival

There are jazz festivals throughout the country but the Los Angeles Jazz festival is one that is held indoors and in the winter months. Although Los Angles is usually sunny and warm throughout the year, the jazz festival gives a whole new meaning to the term "cool jazz" as it is held inside the Laemmie Music Hall. You can check out the Jazz Festival every year during the first Saturday of March. The festival goes on throughout the day and features local and often undiscovered acts.

The Los Angeles Hot Air Balloon Festival

The annual hot air balloon festival features balloons from around the world that ascend into the sky for a grand spectacle from Echo Park each year. The Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place the second weekend of March each year and includes a fair with food and rides for the kids. Hot air balloon festivals are something that most people enjoy watching and your family will be no different. Best of all, this event is not only open to the public, but it's free.

Los Angeles Taste Fest

You can get a taste of the cuisine in and around the area if you go to the Los Angeles Taste Fest at Griffith Park located along Crystal Springs Drive in Los Angeles. If you have always wanted to sample some of the cuisines of the restaurants that you have hard so much about and perhaps those that you have heard your favorite stars attend, you can do so when you attend this annual festival that occurs during the last weekend in June.

Los Angeles Book Fair & Sale

The Los Angeles Library system is one of the largest public library systems in the world. Millions of donations make the annual Los Angeles Book Fair and Sale a huge annual event. The Los Angeles Book Fair takes place at all of the Los Angeles libraries including the Echo Park branch, the Montbello Library and the Pasadena library. If you like books, you will want to come to the largest library sale of books in the country during the last weekend of September every year.

You do not have to be a movie star to have fun at events in Los Angeles. In addition to the many trade shows that you can attend as well as the fine dining and shopping, you can enjoy quite a bit of family fun without it costing you a lot of money in Los Angeles so do come and visit!