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Many Israeli and Jewish families move to the beautiful land of California for better job prospects. If you too are considering moving to California then do not fret because there are a number of California moving companies who can help with the relocation aspect.

Why California

California is known as the Golden State of the US and rightly so. Amongst all other states in US California has the largest economy. It also has one of the largest populations and there is a nice cosmopolitan crowd in California. It comes as no surprise then that most Israelis prefer relocating to California because of the job opportunities it provides. Moving to California is made easier because of the numerous ports, which are well equipped as well as first-class airports with all the operational standards as per international regulations. You can also find easy accommodation when you decide on moving to California, as there are different kinds of apartments with varying price ranges to suit different preferences.

Moving companies

There are virtually thousands of California moving companies, which offer best in line services. right from ensuring partnership with all interstate moving companies are pre-screened to using the best packaging material and practices, you can be assured that your belongings are safe and sound when you are moving to California. One of the primary requisites for choosing appropriate California moving companies is to select one having a good reputation. This is the single aspect, which will differentiate an ordinary moving company from a credible one.

Good schools

If you plan on moving to California, then you can be rest assured that finding a good school for your children will not be a problem. California is home to some of the best schools and you will find schools here offering everything from elementary, middle and high school education. Some of the best globally acclaimed universities such as Berkeley University and Stanford University are located here in California! You can also find an extensive network of the best public universities here in California.

Diverse cultures

Another aspect, which you will find assuring when you are moving to California is that California has a nice mix of diverse cultures, ethnic races, religions and much more. Here you can find a vast array of languages, culture, lifestyles and religion.

Accommodation as per lifestyle

According to the kind of lifestyle you prefer you can easily find a suitable accommodation when you are moving to California. If you prefer urban lifestyles then moving to San Francisco is a good option as is Oakland. If you fancy sub-urban lifestyles then places like Dublin, Livermore, Danville, San Ramon make good choices when you are moving to California.

Hiking and parks

Moving to California has quite a few nice benefits to it. You can enjoy the best campsites, equestrian trails, hiking and much more adventure! Some of the best parks are located here in California and there are thousands of shopping areas, great educational centers and less amount of crime here in California.