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California - A home loan is a loan taken against your home or property. For every loan there is a rate of interest that might be variable or fixed. A variable rate of interest fluctuates according to market movement and inflation rates. When you take a home loan, you need to pay back the loan amount as well as the accumulated interest on that amount through equated monthly installments. Home loans can be for a short term or a long term.

The various types of home loans available in California are home purchase loans, home refinance loans, home equity loans, second mortgages, debt consolidation loans, and bad credit loans. These loans serve different purposes and have variable time-periods and rates of interests.

A home purchase loan helps the homebuyer pay for the property. There are thousands of home purchase lenders in California alone. With a lot of competition, lenders now offer 100% home loan. This means that the homebuyer can borrow the full value of the house without investing any savings. Apart from these, homebuyers can also opt for part loans on their house purchase.

A home equity loan is a borrowing taken against the equity of your house. This type of loan is an excellent source of funds especially if you need to invest a large sum of money in any venture. Home equity loans act as a revolving line of credit.

Apart from taking a loan on your home purchase, you can also apply for a second mortgage loan. A second mortgage is also a good source of funds for debt consolidation and paying off your outstanding bills. A second mortgage loan or another debt consolidation loan is helpful if you need to pay of higher interest rate debts.  There are many loan options available to California homeowners and homebuyers. There is a boom in the real estate market and many homes are acquiring higher equity. Today, it is easy to be approved for a loan, especially when it is secured through mortgage.