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If you are looking for a wise investment in the world of real estate, then consider purchasing a Santa Cruz beach house. Why are beach houses in this area a wise investment? First, these properties always increase in value, and second, they represent a potential source of residual income.

The local beach micro-market is currently up, which means that prices are high and buyers are willing to pay the high prices. While some wonder if this means the market is in a bubble, most experienced Realtors who know the region understand that this trend will continue. The fact is that people with money want to live near the beach, or better yet, in ocean-front property. For this reason, the prices will stay high and continue to increase. Those considering investing in a Santa Cruz beach house do not need to wait for prices to drop. All that is going to happen in the future is an increase in interest rates and prices, so if you are considering purchasing, this is a good time to do it.

Purchasing a California beach house for yourself gives you your own private retreat. The beaches in the area are gorgeous - Sunset, Manresa, Rio del Mar, Seacliff, Capitola, Seabright, Cowell, Natural Bridges - to name a few!  This is perhaps not surprising since they are one of the biggest draws of the area. People travel from across the country to visit this awe-inspiring area and spend time on the beach, and purchasing your own beach house gives you the chance to enjoy these beautiful beaches every day.

However, there is another benefit to purchasing a Santa Cruz beach house. Not only is it a great investment because of the potential resale value in the future, but you can also make an income from your home while you own it. If you don't live in your beach house year round, you can rent it to vacationers when you are not using it. This provides you with residual income whenever you need it.

The fact is, tourists who are visiting the beaches of California want to stay in beach houses, and if you can offer one for lease, you can pocket a decent income. You can use the beach house as a vacation home, and then offer it for lease when you are living in your primary residence. You may even find that you get frequent renters who return to your property year after year.

If you have decided that ocean-front California residential property is a type of real estate that you wish to invest in, you will need the help of a qualified Real Estate agent. Because the Santa Cruz market is so unique, and also so lucrative, finding an agent who has experience in the area is essential.

Look for an agent with at least two years worth of experience and who holds certification from the National Association of Realtors. Talk to the realtor about your desires for your a beach area property, and see what properties he currently has available. By working with a professional with the right experience, you will ensure that you find a property at a fair market price.