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Considerations When Looking For Fresno, CA Homes For Rent

Considerations When Looking For Fresno, CA Homes For Rent

In this current economic environment, many people are choosing to rent houses over buying them and so the home rental market in Fresno, CA is thriving. If you are searching for a new place to live and you are not clear in your mind what you need to do before starting the renting process, this guide will show you somethings you need to reflect on before finding houses for rent in Fresno CA. Get going today so that you can begin looking at terrific homes that your entire family will like.

You and your family will need different features so that you will enjoy your home over many months and even years. It is key that you talk it over with your family about what sort of space you need to rent each month. Contemplate the number of bedrooms that you are in need of as well as kitchen and other living space. You need to be certain that you do not have too much space or too little space, find a happy space in between.

A budget needs to be set in place after you have decided on the amount of space wanted. The amount of space that you are looking for will have an effect on the amount of money that you are going to pay each month for rent. Nearly all landlords will not rent if you cannot make at least 2 times the rent with one month of your pay. Look within these means so that you can rent what you can afford.

Being new to the area can be tricky if you do not do the research in advance. Looking for homes for rent in Fresno CA will require that you look around different neighborhoods. You will also want to take a look at amusement and basic shopping choices that you and your family are going to need on a regular basis.

Sunnyside Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Sunnyside is located on Fresno's far southeast side, bordered by Chestnut Avenue to the West. Its main through streets are Kings Canyon Avenue and Clovis Avenue. Largely built in the 1950s to the 1970s, it has recently experienced a surge in new home construction. It is also the home of the Sunnyside Country Club, which maintains a golf course designed by William Bell.

Census Stats For The Sunnyside Neighborhood

Owners 48%, Renters 46%, Vacancies 6%, Median Housing Age 29.0, Median Housing Value $202,455, House Appreciation (last 12 months) -1.8

Old Fig Garden

The now historic community set amongst mature trees of Old Fig Garden has long been one of Fresno's most sought-after neighborhoods. The city's annual "Christmas Tree Lane" is located on a section of Van Ness Boulevard during the holiday season. Christmas Tree Lane is located on Van Ness Boulevard in between Shields and Shaw avenues and runs through Old Fig Garden. Over 100,000 people make the effort to either walk or drive down Christmas Tree Lane each year.

Census Stats For The Old Fig Garden

Owners 55%, Renters 40%, Vacancies 5%, Median Housing Age 44.0, Median Housing Value $198,000, House Appreciation (last 12 months) -1.8

Tower District

The popular neighborhood known as the Tower District is located around the historic Tower Theater, which is included on the National List of Historic Places. The Tower Theater was built in 1939 and is located at Olive and Wishon Avenues in the core of the Tower District. The Tower District neighborhood is located just north of downtown Fresno, and one-half mile south of Fresno City College. Although the neighborhood was recognized as a residential area prior, the early commercial establishments of the Tower District began with little shops and services that flocked to the area soon after World War II.

The Tower District has become a nucleus for public events such as Mardi Gras in February, A Taste Of The Tower, Jamaica My Weekend, Halloween in the Tower, Car Shows, and the Farmer's Market on the North-West Corner of Olive and Van Ness.

The neighborhood is additionally well-known for its early twentieth century homes, many of which have been restored in recent decades. The area includes many California Bungalow and American Craftsman style homes, Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture, Mediterranean Revival Style architecture, Mission Revival Style architecture, and many Storybook houses designed by Fresno architects, Hilliard, Taylor & Wheeler. The housing architecture of the Tower District contrasts with the newer areas of tract homes in north and east areas of Fresno.

Census Stats For The Tower District Neighborhood

Owners 44%, Renters 48%, Vacancies 8%, Median Housing Age 56.0, Median Housing Value $149,000, House Appreciation (last 12 months) -1.8

Huntington Boulevard

Houses from the early 20th century line this boulevard in the middle of the historic Alta Vista Tract. The first development of this area began in 1910, on 180 acres of what had been a field. The Alta Vista Tract, as the area would later be called, was mapped by William Stranahan for the Pacific Improvement Corporation. The tract's borders were Balch Avenue on the south, Cedar Avenue on the east, the property line of Platt Avenue (east of Sixth Street) and Platt Avenue (west of Sixth Street) on the north, and First Street on the west. In 1914 developers Billings & Meyering acquired the tract, completed street development, provided the last of the required public improvements including water service, and began marketing the property with zeal. Just half a decade later the tract had 267 homes.

Around Christmas, the houses going down the boulevard are adorned with lights and decorations. The tallest living Christmas tree in the nation is located at Huntington and 6th Street.

Census Stats For The Huntington Boulevard Neighborhood

Owners 40%, Renters 52%, Vacancies 7%, Median Housing Age 48.0, Median Housing Value $119,900, House Appreciation (last 12 months) -1.8

Van Ness Extension

North of Shaw Avenue, Van Ness continues as the Van Ness Extension, located between Marks Avenue and West Avenue. The Van Ness Extension could be considered one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city, and boasts some of Fresno's most elaborate houses.

Census Stats For The Van Ness Extension Neighborhood

Owners 62%, Renters 34%, Vacancies 3%, Median Housing Age 22.0, Median Housing Value $359,910, House Appreciation (last 12 months) -1.8

The West Side

The "West Side" of Fresno, also often called "Southwest Fresno", is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. The neighborhood lies southwest of the 99 freeway (which divides it from Downtown Fresno), west of the 41 freeway and south of Nielsen Ave (or the newly-constructed 180 Freeway), and goes to the city limits to the west and south.

Census Stats For The West Side Neighborhood

Owners 42%, Renters 50%, Vacancies 7%, Median Housing Age 39.0, Median Housing Value $134,900, House Appreciation (last 12 months) -1.8

Woodward Park

This neighborhood is located in the north eastern part of Fresno. The Woodward Park neighborhood make up the houses surrounding the large Woodward Park.

Census Stats For The Woodward Park Neighborhood

Owners 68%, Renters 29%, Vacancies 4%, Median Housing Age 12.0, Median Housing Value $314,100, House Appreciation (last 12 months) -1.8

Sierra Sky Park

Formed in 1946, Sierra Sky Park Airport is a residential airport community born of a rare settlement in transportation law to permit personal airplanes and cars to share certain roads. Sierra Sky Park was the first aviation community to be built and there are now numerous such communities around the United States. Developer William Smilie built the nation's first planned aviation community.

Census Stats For The Sierra Sky Park Neighborhood

Owners 62%, Renters 34%, Vacancies 3%, Median Housing Age 22.0, Median Housing Value $359,910, House Appreciation (last 12 months) -1.8

Raising a family in the Fresno area can be really rewarding just make sure that you pick out Fresno homes for rent located near the proper schools. Look around at the various school district borders that surround the houses you may want to move into. This will help to get your children settled into a brand new learning environment.

If you do not have a lot of time to sit down and look for a new house for rent, there are plenty of services that will work for you. For a small fee, you can easily be connected to hundreds of homes for rent within the Fresno area. This also helps to take the stress out of searching for a new house for rent.

If you can follow all of these steps you ought to be able to get a look at the best Fresno homes for rent on the market today. Search within your budget as well as within what your wants are for you and your family. Get going right now so that you can move into one of the best rental homes on the block!