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Those who can recall the song from their childhood memories, they can actually talk about the mystical meaning of the song. Originally the religious zealots felt and spread around that the song was about Satan or the Satan's church. The song started being considered as evil and the children were restrained from listening to the song without actually understanding the Hotel California Meaning.

Incidentally, other meanings were also being attached to the song for its theme like drug addiction, insanity, shallow relationships and temptation along with the theme of Satanism. The band members did not also break up the song, line wise and just spread the word around saying that it was about self indulgence. Don Henley who was the lyricist of the album also added that it was basically about the dark side of America and also about the excess of luxuries in the region. He also added that the concept of the album is not about the typical old West cowboy theme and rather was about urban theme trying to express the Meaning to Hotel California. Some people have also tried to capitalize on the success of the song as the owner of the hotel claims that his hotel has been the home for Eagles as it feels like they wrote the song while staying in the rooms of that hotel. Then eventually the rumours about the song turned into a legend of the song.

Some also say that Hotel California is a name of the state psychiatric hospital around Los Angeles, but no facts could be found to verify that. Some other rumours spread around about the album were like it is a place that is run by cannibals who allow only those guests who could be served for dinner or it is about addiction of drugs and the name of the hotel is a code word for the use and addiction of cocaine whereas the line '' the smell of colitis rising in the air'' was originally written in reference to the smell of burning Marijuana.

There was also a belief about the hotel that it represents the Satan master who was Aliester Crowley and the hotel was his mansion where all weird things used to happen. The nick name of Crowley was "The Beast" and in spite of all these rumours the song was still a huge success with all kinds of Meanings to Hotel California. The song ranked among the top 20 most favourite songs in the US. There is also no other opinion about the fact that the album was able to sell more than 16 million copies in the entire US and was also declared to be the number one album for eight weeks continuously in the year 1977.

The actual Hotel California Meaning states that the song was about rock-n-roll lifestyle that referred to the real lives of the boys who got together as the Eagles band and made it to the top together. As their lifestyle was such that they saw all ups and downs having an easy access to everything like parties, money, drugs and even women then they tried to convey the message that once a person gets habitual of this lifestyle then whether he likes it or not, he can never leave or come out of this lifestyle later.